Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Trivial Pursuit - Add on Packs

Rachel brought up a great point in the comments, so I thought I'd address it in a new post:

"What about various packs? I really enjoyed the movie pack but are there others? What did you think of those?"

It's true that Trivial Pursuit offers downloadable question packs that can be added to your game. You can play any of the modes using just the downloaded packs, or you can add the packs to the original questions. The packs have themes, so there's a movie pack, a sports pack, and a video game pack to name three.

The movie pack was free so I downloaded it and tried it out. Overall I liked it. The basic format stays the same, but all the questions are now about a specific topic. So if you land on an orange square (Sports and Leisure), you'll get a question about a sports movie instead. For people who prefer to show off their knowledge on one topic rather than a broad range, it's a good idea.

I didn't buy any of the other packs - in fact, Trivial Pursuit is on its way back to Gamefly - but the video game pack would have been interesting.

Eventually I'll have to try one of the Scene It games available for the 360 as a comparison to Trivial Pursuit.

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