Saturday, October 3, 2009


I've been a Gamefly member for about two months now and so far I'm a big fan. For those who don't know, Gamefly is a game-by-mail subscription service. It's Netflix, but for video games instead. For about 20 bucks a month you get two games at a time, and you can exchange them by mail as often as you want. There's a Gamefly distribution center pretty near us, so games come pretty quickly.

I like these types of services because it allows me to try out games I'd never buy. Certain genres, like shooters and fighting games, don't hold my interest long enough to warrant a purchase. But if I can rent those games for a week or two, I can definitely get my money's worth.

The only drawback is that it can be a little dicey trying to figure out which game in your queue will actually get sent to you. You'd think it would usually be the top game, or close to it, but often I end up receiving a game pretty far down my list. That's not a big problem if you're flexible, but if you want to be playing a specific game, then you might get frustrated.

That aside, I definitely recommend Gamefly. It's especially great for people trying to pump up their Gamerscore!

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