Thursday, October 8, 2009

Soul Caliber 4: Making Friends Online

I know I promised a post about Banjo-Kazooie Achievements, and I'll definitely get around to it.

Last night I worked on the online Achievements in Soul Caliber 4. I should say right from the get-go that I absolutely SUCK at fighting games, so playing online generally involves me getting my ass handed to me over and over until I find someone even more n00bish than me. It can be a long process. I got really lucky last night though, because I ran into one of my Live buddies (or as Rachel calls them, "fake friends") and he offered to help me with the Achievements and show me some tricks to fighting online. All told I was able to pick up seven Achievements for 150 points...not a bad haul for an online game at which I'm pretty terrible.

"Hero King" - 30 points
You get this one for rising to level 20 online. After each fight, you get points depending on how well you did. Get enough points and you gain a level. This one is tricky because once you get to level 5 or so, you actually lose points if you lose the fight (and you can even lose a level). I was glad I had help for this one!

I also worked on single player for a while and picked up this one:

"Hero on the Battlefield" - 20 points
You have to beat Arcade mode with a total score of 450,000 points, which is A LOT. I pulled it off using Astaroth by staying far away from my opponents while pummeling them with the down-back-X followed by Y combo. Astaroth will swing his axe along the ground to trip them and then do a big overhead strike for massive damage. You'll need several perfect rounds to pull it off this way.

My new online buddy mentioned that another way to do it is to use Taki's unblockable attack over and over, because you get 1000 points each time. I thought it was a good tip, so now I'm passing it along!

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