Saturday, October 17, 2009

Resident Evil 5: Achievement Path

An "Achievement Path" is simply a series of directions indicating how to get the Achievements with great efficiency. They're particularly useful for games that involve multiple playthroughs, because you can get an idea of which Achievements to pursue on which trip through the game.

RE5 requires a minimum of two playthroughs for 100% completion. If you want to emphasize getting the Achievements as quickly as possible, then do your first trip on Veteran difficulty and your second on Professional.

I don't suggest that path though, because the game is annoyingly frustrating trying to work through Veteran (and especially Professional) without amassing some upgraded equipment.

Here's my suggestion for a path that will take a little longer but save you some annoyance. Minor spoilers are scattered throughout, but nothing plot-based.

Game 1: Play through on either Amateur or (preferably) Normal. This is your "enjoy the game" run. Just play normally, watching the cutscenes and seeing what RE5 has to offer. I didn't enjoy it much but maybe you will. Two key points on this playthrough though. First, don't spend any of your cash yet. Second, in Chapter 5-3 when you get to the big double boss fight (you'll know) look for a locked door on one side and keep running around near it until you get kicked through it. Then run down the newly opened passage and find the metal case containing the super-kickass Lightning Hawk Magnum. After the chapter, use you stockpile of cash to FULLY upgrade the Hawk, selling treasure if you need more money. Every upgrade should be purchased. Then finish the game.

Game 2: You've now seen everything the game has to offer, so it's time to do a speed run. Use the bonus features menu to unlock infinite ammo for the L. Hawk. It takes 15,000 points so if you're a little short, use the chapter select and play through a couple short missions until you have the necessary points. Make sure you enable infinite ammo in the extras menu. Now start up a new game at Chapter 1-1 (using New Game+ or Chapter select) on Amateur difficulty. You need to finish the whole game in 5 hours or less, so don't waste time hunting for treasure. Just run and gun with the L. Hawk.

Game 3: Congrats, you just unlocked the infinite ammo Rocket Launcher! With that and the L. Hawk, you're now well equipped to conquer Veteran. I suggest using a guide on this playthrough so you can get the BSAA emblems and the treasures. Save up cash to upgrade weapons as well. Veteran is definitely a step up in difficulty but you can one-shot most regular guys with the Magnum and most bosses with the rocket launcher.

Game 4: Same deal, but now on Professional. Most hits will just about kill you in this mode, so go slowly and make good use of your souped up weapons. An upgraded rifle can really help on this difficulty so you can pick off enemies before they see you. Have patience and good luck!

Clean up: If you're missing any Achievements for barrel kills or whatnot, use the chapter select to choose a good spot to grab them. Hint - they can all be done on Amateur.

Enjoy your 1000 new points!

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