Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Professional Difficulty = NO FUN MODE

I finished Resident Evil 5 on "Veteran" difficulty last night. After knocking out a few side Achievements, I started my final run on "Professional" difficulty. Pro is so tough that it isn't even available at the beginning...you have to beat the game on Veteran just to prove you're worthy or something.

If you've ever been a PC gamer, then you might know that on some games you can toggle settings to turn off advanced graphical features. This is in case your machine isn't quite up to snuff and you need to improve how the game runs. So you can turn off things like reflections, shadows, and other enhancements.

Well, RE5 on Professional is like going into the menu and toggling the "Fun" setting to off. Granted, RE5 is pretty obnoxious to begin with, but once you get the infinite ammo magnum and rocket launcher, there's definitely some enjoyment to be had. Not so with Professional difficulty. The enemies are insanely aggressive and every time you get hit, it's essentially an instant kill. Thank God I've already run through the game three times so I know where most of the enemies are. Otherwise I could hardly stand to play this thing.

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